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5th February, 2013

After the successful business organic products in Maharashtra, we are now moving to capture the other states of INDIA. Recently we have appointed a distributor in state of Gujarat and Karnataka.

Considering the huge demand for gardening products from state of Goa. We have appointed a potentional distributor to market our gardening products in state of Goa.

In year 2009 SAR has started its business with a just 800sq.ft office, but in very short period of 3 years SAR has moved to 5000 sq. ft office with 10,000 sq. ft production unit. The credit to this goes only to the top management and Marketing team.



SAR has participated in the most popular agriculture exhibition of India in Year 2011. In this exhibition we have displayed all our products. More than 3000 inquiries has been received at this exhibition and we manage to convert these inquires into sales. Our main objective behind taking participation in this exhibition is promote Organic farming.

Our most liked products by farmers are ECO-ENRICH and GLADIATOR.

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